Miracle in 5 minutes, Korean food steamed eggs.

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Introduction to Korean Food Steamed Eggs

Korean food is known for its bold and flavorful dishes, and one of the simplest yet delicious dishes is the steamed egg. Steamed eggs are a staple in Korean cuisine and can be found in many Korean restaurants and homes. In this article, we will take a closer look at the history, ingredients, and preparation of Korean food steamed eggs.

History of Korean Food Steamed Eggs

The origins of steamed eggs in Korean cuisine can be traced back to the Joseon Dynasty (1392-1910). The dish was considered a delicacy and was often reserved for special occasions. It was also believed to have healing properties and was often given to the sick or elderly. Today, steamed eggs are enjoyed by all and are a popular dish in Korean cuisine.

Ingredients and Preparation of Korean Food Steamed Eggs

The main ingredient in steamed eggs is, of course, eggs. The eggs are beaten until fluffy and then steamed until set. Some variations include the addition of ingredients such as milk, broth, or soy sauce to the eggs before steaming. The dish is often garnished with green onions, mushrooms, or other ingredients for added flavor. To prepare the dish, a small amount of water is added to a pot or steamer, and the beaten eggs are poured into a dish and then steamed for a few minutes.

Variations of Korean Food Steamed Eggs

There are several variations of Korean food steamed eggs. One popular variation is called “gyeran jjim”, which is steamed eggs mixed with meat or seafood. Another variation is called “gyeran bbang”, which is steamed eggs mixed with vegetables and spices. The dish can also be served with toppings such as scallions or mushrooms.


In conclusion, Korean food steamed eggs is a simple yet delicious dish that has a long history in Korean cuisine. The dish is made with just a few basic ingredients, but the variations and toppings make it a versatile dish that can be enjoyed by all. Next time you’re in a Korean restaurant, be sure to give steamed eggs a try!

Let’s make steamed eggs.

Korean food steamed eggs receipes


4 eggs (large), anchovy kelp stock 200ml

​Minced chives (1.5) spoon, chopped carrots (1) spoon

​Soup soy sauce (2) spoon, cooking wine (1.5) spoon, salt 3-4 pinch

​A bit of sesame oil.

​Mini earthen pot 500 ml size

​(Based on rice spoon / Low difficulty level / 1~2 servings / Cooking time: about 5 minutes)



To make a soft steamed egg, the ratio of eggs to water is…

It must be not less than 1:1.

The more water there is, the softer it can be made into a steamed egg earthen pot.

​Usually, special and large-sized eggs are about 50ml per box.

If you use four, the amount of broth is set to 200ml, and it becomes 1:1.

To make a more moist steamed egg,

You can increase the amount of broth.

At this time, you should check the size of the steamed egg earthen pot and increase it.


If you remove the string, you can make a softer steamed egg.

If you use a fork, it is easy to remove the string and loosen it finely.


The main part of the microwave egg stew is soy sauce.

Chop carrots and chives and serve them with garnish.

​If you season it with salt, it can sink to the bottom and be salty.

Add only 3 to 4 pinch of salt.

I put 1.5 spoons of cooking wine in here.

If you add cooking wine, the fishy smell goes away.

It is good because it can add a soft sweetness.


Add 2 spoons of soy sauce, 1.5 spoons of cooking wine, and 3~4 pinch of salt and season.


Pour 1 to 1 ratio of anchovy kelp stock.

If you use plain water, it tastes bland, but if you use broth,

It is a way to make a much more delicious steamed egg in an earthen pot.


Stir to blend well with the stock.

The only ingredients are eggs and broth.

It is good as a diet food because you can eat a lot of protein.


When you make steamed eggs in an earthen pot,

It can be hard to wash dishes because they stick to the floor.

If you apply a thin layer of sesame oil, it will be less sticky.

If you make steamed eggs in the microwave,

I’m glad it’s less sticky.


Pour egg water and garnish with carrots and chives.

If you set the egg mixture to 9 parts of the container,

When you microwave steamed eggs, they can come up in a convex shape.


When you microwave steamed eggs, you need a lid to cover the top.

If it’s dome-shaped, it can make it convex.

I use a rice bowl that fits the size of an earthen pot.

​Cover it with a perfect lid or bowl.

It is a method of making microwave steamed eggs that come up convex as air is blocked.

Of course, it sinks faster than when it is made with direct fire.


Microwave it in 500ml.

You can heat it for four to five minutes.

Instead of turning it for 5 minutes at a time, turn it for 3 minutes and stir it once.

If you spin it for 2 more minutes,

You can make soft steamed eggs.


How to make steamed eggs in the microwave… The bowl gets very hot, too.

You have to be careful when you take it out.


When you open the lid, the top part that was sealed quickly…

The steam goes out and sinks.

If you cook steamed eggs on fire,

It’s like a volcano, and the shape of the mountain stays there for a long time.

Microwave steamed eggs go down quickly.


But it’s a recipe for steamed eggs in an earthen pot.

Compared to when I made it with a regular bowl,

You can enjoy it hot for a long time.

How to make a microwave steamed egg with an earthen pot.

It stays warm for a long time, and it’s less sticky than direct fire.

More than anything, I can make it quickly and it’s fast.

It’s also good for diet food.

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